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      XSC-I weighing controller

      XSC-I weighing controller

      • One、Overview

      XSC-I weighing display controller is suitable for various forms of weighing transmission

      Sensors and transmitters are ideal for forming various weighing control systems

      Product, can automatically calculate net weight, gross weight, high frequency sampling speed

      Rate to ensure accurate peak measurement, mainly used in truck scales and hopper scales

      Electronic scales and other systems.

      • TWO、Features

      ◆ 50 times / second high-speed sampling

      ◆ Display stable, sensitive and shake

      ◆ Can be used as batching and quantitative output controller

      ◆ Analog current transmission output for convenient synchronous display

      ◆ Can be connected to micro printer, manual and timing printing

      ◆ Six-digit 0.8-inch digital tube with a maximum display of 200,000

      ◆ Can set tare weight at any time

      ◆ Three-phase precision power feed output guarantees accuracy

      ◆ Optional external LED digital large screen display